Self Defense Tactical Pen Review: NiteCore NTP10

The NTP10 Tactical Self Defense Pen with Tungsten Steel Tip from NiteCore is one of the good looking, good selling multi-tool pens on Amazon. It’s a very decent and sturdy self defense tactical pen in the mid-range class, in case you want a bit more than the cheap ones out there, without having to completely deplete your credit card… From our top reviewed pens it also falls in the middle, not being as cheap as the low-end ApeSurvival Strikepen or the Gerber Impromptu, but also not as pricey as the high-end Benchmade Tactical Pen.

So if you’re looking for a self defense tactical pen which has a bit more to it than the low-end models, keep reading our NiteCore NTP10 review after the picture to see if it has to offer what you’re looking for and how it compares to the other models.

Read the review of the "NiteCore NTP10" as one of the best self defense tactical pens for sale.

NiteCore NTP10 Tactical Self Defense Pen Materials

Body material

The hollow carved body of the NiteCore NTP10 Tactical Self Defense Pen is made from CNC milled titanium alloy.

This body is exactly what makes the NiteCore NTP10 different from the low-end models which typically consist of a regular (stainless) steel body. While a decently coated (stainless) steel body can do the trick, a titanium body just is a whole lot stronger making it last a lot longer, but it also feels and looks more decent.

This titanium body makes that when you unpack the NiteCore NTP10 for the first time, you will most likely feel that this tactical self defense pen won’t fail you in the near future, and that’s exactly the case if you ask us…

This titanium body is simply a lot better than the cheaper (stainless) steel tactical self defense bodies in our opinion. The NiteCore NTP10 doesn’t scratch or get damaged in any other way so easily, and if you manage to do so, it isn’t as easy to see as with the (stainless) steel bodies.

In addition, if you don’t like having to carry a heavy pen around all day, the titanium body is the way to go as it is much lighter than the (stainless) steel versions… This is especially the case with the NTP10, since NiteCore hollow carved the body which managed them to produce a pen body which is pretty much see-through, while the remaining body is only 1.8 mm…

In conclusion, if you have a bit of extra cash to spend, and you find the body of a tactical self defense pen important, not being scratched or damaged easily at all, yet being very lightweight, we recommend looking for a tactical self defense pen with a titanium body like the NiteCore NTP10, rather than the cheaper options such as the  ApeSurvival Strikepen or the Gerber Impromptu.

Body colors

Unfortunately, like a lot of other tactical self defense pens, the NiteCore NTP10 is only available in one color, which in this case is the original titanium body color.

The NiteCore NTP10 Self Defense Tactical Pen Has An Uncoated Titanium Body Which Doesn't Get Scratched Easily

However, we can understand NiteCore hasn’t started manufacturing any other colors, because when coating the body of a tactical self defense pen, chances are that you end up with scratches all over the place…

So for those who like a tactical self defense pen which still looks like new after a while, we think the uncoated titanium body of the NiteCore NTP10 isn’t a bad thing at all and a safe way to go.


Glass Breaker Pen Tip/Strike Pen Tip

With a decent tactical self defense pen, comes a decent glass breaker tip, or sometimes referred to as a strike pen tip. With its tapered tungsten steel tip, the NiteCore NTP10 is no exception.

The NiteCore NTP10 Has An Integrated Self Defense Tactical Glass Breaker Pen Tip, Rather Than A Stand-Alone PartHowever, unlike some of the cheaper tactical self defense pens for sale, the NiteCore NTP10 has an integrated “tip” which is basically an en-hardened part of the body, rather than an actual stand-alone tip…

This is definitely a good thing though, because these kind of tips generally are a whole lot stronger than the cheaper stand-alone ones. This is certainly the case with the tungsten steel tip from the NiteCore NTP10.

Being very thick and relatively heavy, it can give a great punch without letting you down. The thickness and stiffness of the tip makes that chances are close to zero that it will snap off like the glass breaker tips/strike pen tips of some of the cheaper models do…

A close-up of the NiteCore NTP10 Self Defense Tactical Pen Glass Breaker Tip

So, being heavy and thick, we consider the integrated tungsten steel tip from the NiteCore NTP10 certainly better than the glass breaker pen tips/strike pen tips of the low-end ApeSurvival Strikepen and Gerber Impromptu that we’ve reviewed.


Pocket clip

Now, where most tactical self defense pens come with a (stainless) steel pocket clip, the NiteCore NTP10 isn’t one of them. It seems like NiteCore really wanted to implement titanium into the whole body, because that’s also where the pocket clip has been made from…

The Titanium Pocket Clip From The NiteCore NTP10 Self Defense Tactical Pen Simply is A Whole Lot Better Than Most Pocket Clips

With the titanium pocket clip, NiteCore really took things to the next level with the NTP10. There are a lot of tactical self defense pens for sale with quite crappy pocket clips which can snap off at any time, especially when the pens are used on a day-to-day basis.

Of course, there are some exceptions like the pocket clips from our other top reviewed pens… However, being made of titanium, the pocket clip of the NiteCore NTP10 just falls in a different category. It simply feels like it’s of very high quality and looks spectacular. After using it for quite a while, nothing seems any different what-so-ever from the day we unpacked it for the first time.

The quality of the NiteCore NTP10 pocket clip really is beyond most of the tactical self defense pens for sale.


Thankfully, NiteCore decided not to go with a simple ballpoint for the NTP10. Instead they went with a fisher space pen pressurized refill.

However, this still isn’t very spectacular. Although there are some tactical self defense pens for sale which are equipped with a standard ballpoint, there are also a lot of tactical self defense pens with the same type of fisher space pen pressurized refill. Still, the fisher space pen pressurized refill which comes with the NTP10 is able to write in the rain/under water, very similar like the Gerber Impromptu.

Unfortunately, NiteCore also decided to ship the NTP10 with just one ink color option so you can’t choose the ink color upfront… Of course, you can always buy an extra fisher space pen pressurized refill, but we think it would have been nice to be able to choose…


NiteCore NTP10 Tactical Self Defense Pen Extra’s

Until this part of the review, the NiteCore NTP10 probably only seems like a very sturdy titanium tactical self defense pen, and this is mostly true. Although, it also has a few extra features up its sleeve which make this tactical self defense pen a bit more user-friendly than some of the other ones for sale…

Three Stop Pin Cap Mount

The NTP10 has a fancy way of making sure the cap snugly fits on the pen when your using it, preventing you from having the cap lying around when your writing, potentially losing it. NiteCore calls it the “three stop pins” mechanism. A close-up of the NiteCore NTP10 Self Defense Tactical Pen Glass Breaker Tip

The pen cap fits precisely over the three pins at the glass breaker tip, stopping the cap from dropping of…

We think this isn’t very spectacular, though it looks nice and works like a charm.

Adjustable Inner Barrel

A nice additional feature that NiteCore introduced to the NTP10 is an adjustable inner barrel which can be used to compensate for differences in the ink refill cartridges.

The NiteCore NTP10 Self Defense Tactical Pen Adjustable Inner Barrel Makes Sure A Wide Range Of Inkt Refills Fit Perfectly

When inserting a new ink refill, there’s a possibility it’s not exactly the right length. However, by simply screwing the inner cap of the hollow carved body, you can overcome this problem, preventing it from functioning improperly.

Therefore, the adjustable inner barrel makes choosing a refill inkt cartridge easy peasy…

Matt aluminum alloy pen case

The NiteCore NTP10 Tactical Self Defense Pen Comes With A Nice Aluminium Cylinder-shaped Case

Nice of NiteCore is that they throw in a matt aluminium alloy case with the NTP10. Being a cylinder-shaped case, it’s easy to carry around. It takes up minimal space while still keeping your NTP10 look as new while carrying it from place to place…


Now we’ve covered all the features of the NTP10, it’s time to discuss if it’s worth what they charge you for it.

Since it’s one of the good selling mid-range tactical self defense pens on Amazon, you can expect a bit more from it than the usual tactical self defense pens, especially the cheaper ones. Well, the NiteCore NTP10 certainly delivers on that part…

With its hollow carved 1.8 mm thick lightweight titanium body, titanium pocket clip and thick integrated tungsten steel glass breaker tip being the big selling points, you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a tactical self defense pen which can stay around for a couple of years.

Yes, it’s more expensive than the low-end ApeSurvival Strikepen and Gerber Impromptu, but you will get a very durable pen in return. In addition, it still is a whole lot cheaper than the damascus, titanium and even some of the aluminum versions of the Benchmade Tactical Pen.

If you’re looking for some extra features, by all means try out the ApeSurvival Strikepen, or if you’re not sure about the price, but you don’t want the ApeSurvival Strikepen, try the Gerber Impromptu instead…

ApeSurvival Strikepen Black Premium Quality Guarantee

However, we think that, if you’re not on a very tight budget, but also don’t want to take up all your credit, and you think durability is one of the most important aspects of a tactical self defense pen

Than, the NiteCore NTP10 certainly is the right pen for you.




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