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5.11 Tactical Pen

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5.11 Tactical Pen

The 5.11 Tactical Pen is a pretty straight forward tactical pen. No real special options whatsoever, but it has a very sharp strike tip/glass breaker tip.

For its simplicity, it’s a bit pricey though… You’ll have to pay about $55 on Amazon.


5.11 Tactical Pen Features

Like already mentioned, the 5.11 tactical pen is pretty straight forward, except for its strike tip/glass breaker tip which is extremely pointy, thus sharp…

Other than that, it has a pretty regular pocket clip which has been bolted onto the pen body, which is, only available in one color: matte black.

It comes including a Fisher Space Pen PR4 Medium Point Black ink cartridge.

5.11 Tactical Pen Rubber CapIt’s a pretty lightweight pen which is nice for use on a daily basis as your main writing pen.

However, unfortunately, there have been multiple complaints of people saying that the rubber circle cap at the top of the pen comes off easily after using it for a couple of days…

Nothing you can’t really overcome, but it would have been nicer if it would just remain the way it’s supposed to be…


Where Can I Get The 5.11 Tactical Pen?

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