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Atomic Bear Tactical Pen

Atomic Bear Tactical Pen With Pouch And Refill

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen is one of the somewhat more basic self defense tactical pens for sale. Not very strange, considering it’s just $9.99 on Amazon

To our opinion, the Atomic Bear Tactical Pen doesn’t look as cheap as some of the other low-priced tactical pens. On top of that, it comes with a belt pouch, and a total of 2 black ink cartridges and 2 hours of online training videos…


Atomic Bear Tactical Pen Features

Unlike you might expect from a $9.99 tactical pen, Atomic Bear did manage to put several features into their tactical pen…

Atomic Bear Tactical Pen Features

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen has pretty much every standard feature that you would like a tactical pen to have, the main features being:

  • Atomic Bear Tactical Pen Glass BreakerIt has a 2.1 mm thick aircraft aluminum alloy body, thus being lightweight, yet strong
  • Since it’s so lightweight, hand fatigue as a result of writing is unlikely to occur
  • It has a tungsten carbide glass breaker tip
  • It’s compatible with most standard ink refills, including the Rite-in-The-Rain and Fisher Space refills
  • The ink cartridges delivered with the pen are usable in pretty much any weather condition, still allowing smooth and even writing
  • It’s designed in such a way to provide you with grip at all times, whether you’re writing, or have to use force
  • The pen cap easily snaps onto the back-end of the pen, hiding the glass breaker tip, making it hard for anyone to see that you’re carrying a tactical self defense tool with you at all times


Where Can I Get The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen?

Atomic Bear Tactical Pen + Training Video Overview

The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen seems to be quite a good seller so there are several places you can get it. However, we found Amazon to be the cheapest, and of course it’s also one of the more convenient places to buy…

Probably nice to know is that unlike a lot of other suppliers, Atomic Bear provides you with a LifeTime Warranty, even though were talking about a $9.99 tactical pen!

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