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Self Defense Tactical Pen Review: Benchmade Tactical Pen

If you’re looking for the most sturdy and pretty much indestructible self defense tactical pen, than you almost certainly can’t go wrong with the Benchmade Tactical Pen. The Benchmade Tactical Pen is the strongest and most decent self defense tactical pen from our best tactical pen reviews.

The Benchmade Tactical Pen is the only self defense tactical pen from out top 5 best tactical pen reviews which you can get with a Damascus Steel body (a.k.a. Damasteel). The Damascus body isn’t only a very tough one, it also gives the Benchmade Tactical Pen body a distinctive pattern which no other decent self defense tactical pen has.

Now, the Damascus body comes with a price of course, but that doesn’t mean you’ll only be able to get the Benchmade Tactical Pen if you’re filthy rich…

Luckily, Benchmade gave us lot’s of body materials to choose from, which makes it still possible to own an official Benchmade Tactical Pen without having to drain your credit card.

Make sure to read along our Benchmade Tactical Pen review after the picture to find out all its features and how it holds up against it competitors…

Read the review of the "Benchmade Tactical Pen" as one of the best self defense tactical pens for sale.

Benchmade Tactical Pen Materials

Body material

When you’re looking to buy the Benchmade Tactical Pen, you’ve got the satisfying option to choose from no less than 4 different body materials.

Yep, that’s right, the Benchmade Tactical Pen has body material options like no other…

The available Benchmade Tactical Pen body materials are:

  • Stainless steel
  • Anodized aluminium
  • Titanium
  • Damascus steel

As always, it’s nice to have several options available, especially in the market of self defense tactical pens. Simpy not everybody has the same needs when it comes to choosing the best tactical pen, certainly not when you’re taking all the available price ranges into account…

With the availability of 4 different body materials, Benchmade managed to provide us with mid- to high-range price class tactical pens. Other than the way the different body materials look, there isn’t really anything else to say about them. All of them are sturdy and durable, some being heavier then another of course. They simply deliver what you would expect from mid- and high-range price class self defense tactical pens…

Body colors

Amazingly, in addition to the 4 different body materials, the Self Defense Tactical Pen from Benchmade is also available in 9 different body colors.

Now, it is important to say that you won’t be able to get every body material in every color, some colors are bound to a specific body material, as well as a specific ink color. To keep it simple, we’ve put all the available color combinations in the chart below.

Feel free to click an image, or one of the buttons at the bottom of the chart to check out a specific body type on Amazon.

Stainless steel
Black or Blue ink
Anodized aluminium
Black ink
Blue ink
Black or Blue ink
Black or Blue ink
Blue ink
Black or Blue ink
Damascus steel
Black or Blue ink


Glass Breaker Pen Tip/Strike Pen Tip

Benchmade Carbide Tip Aluminium Self Defense Tactical Pen - Blue InkMost of the Benchmade Tactical Pen versions come equipped with a tip which consists of the same material as the rest of the body. However, with the charcoal colored aluminium bodies, you also have the option to choose from a carbide tip. This also alters the look of the Benchmade aluminium body Tactical Pens just a little bit, due to the different tip color.

Although we think Benchmade did a great job with all the available Tactical Pen materials and colors, we think they’ve cut the corners a bit regarding the glass breaker/strike pen tips…

Sure, you get a nice and durable tip when you order the Damasteel or Titanium version, but the fact that the stainless steel and aluminum bodies don’t come equipped with a hardened tip is a little bit cheap minded in our opinion. Yes, they give you the option to choose a carbide tip with the aluminium bodies, but you’ll have to pay extra for it, and for the stainless steel bodies their simply isn’t an additional tip option…

Don’t get us wrong, all the Benchmade Tactical Pen tips are sturdy and decent, but it just came as a bit of a surprise when we found out that some of these mid- to high price-range models didn’t have hardened tips.

Pocket clip

We can be pretty straight forward regarding the pocket clips of the Benchmade Tactical Pens…

Benchmade Self Defense Tactical Pen Pocket Clip

They are made from stainless steel and they are all the same across different models. All of the Benchmade Tactical Pen pocket clips are black and bolted onto the top of the cap.

Yes, it may be a pity that none of the more expensive Benchmade Tactical Pen models come with pocket clips made from other materials such as titanium or damascus, but the Benchmade Tactical Pen pocket clips are great. As you would expect from mid- to high-end price-range self defense tactical pen models, the pocket clips are stiff and sturdy and we don’t think they will ever fail you.


Like the NiteCore NTP10, the Benchmade Tactical Pen also comes with a fisher space pen pressurized refill, which is also very similar to the special ink from the Gerber Impromptu. Like also mentioned in the review of the NiteCore NTP10, the fisher space pen pressurized refill isn’t very spectacular, but it’s nice they didn’t use a simple ballpoint…

What is a little bit less common is that, as already shown in the chart from the body colors section, you can choose between black and blue ink. We think the ability to choose different ink colors should always be an option, but you’ll be surprised how uncommon this option is when you’re looking which self defense tactical pen you should buy…


Benchmade Tactical Pen Extra’s

We think that the ability to choose from a damascus steel body is a good additional feature on its own. However, apart from that, the Benchmade Tactical Pen only has one additional feature.

O-ring pressure fit cap

In order to prevent the ink from drying out, Benchmade equipped their Tactical Pen with a so called “o-ring pressure fit cap”.

Now, we understand that this might sound like a lot of nothing, at least we thought at first…

However, the thing is, it simply seems to work, mainly if you don’t use the pen on a day-to-day basis. Where others get some writing difficulties after not being used for a while, the Benchmade Tactical Pen simply doesn’t.


Giving our opinion about the Benchmade Tactical Pen price is a bit harder than most of the self defense tactical pen prices because of all the different Benchmade Tactical Pen versions available…

First of all, it’s important to know that, with mid- to high-end models, come mid- to high-end prices. If you’re looking for a free or cheap self defense tactical pen, the Benchmade Tactical pen isn’t the right pen for you.

Second, it will probably be nice to hear that all Benchmade Tactical Pens come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Best Self Defense Tactical Pens For Sale With Limited Lifetime Warranty“Benchmade’s Limited Lifetime Warranty ensures that your pen will be free from defects in materials and workmanship. If it’s not, Benchmade will take care of it.”

This is something you don’t see very often with self defense tactical pens, except maybe with one of our other reviewed best self defense tactical pen, the Gerber Impromptu

Now, that being said, the Benchmade Tactical Pen comes with pretty much 3 different price-ranges. Of these price ranges, the aluminium body is the cheapest, followed by the stainless steel and titanium body, while the Damascus body is of course the most expensive.

We think, buying the titanium version of the Benchmade Tactical Pen instead of the stainless steel version is always a smart choice, since these will cost you approximately the same. However, unfortunately, if you don’t want a blue self defense tactical pen, the titanium version won’t suite your needs…

Although being a very different material, you may want to check the aluminium versions if you don’t like the blue titanium version.

We think buying an aluminium version of the Benchmade Tactical Pen is a great choice if you want a very good self defense tactical pen, but you don’t want to spent a whole lot of money on it. Since the aluminium version has by far the most body colors to choose from, we think chances are very slim that you won’t be able to find one that you like.

Of course, if you don’t like the blue titanium version, and you wan’t a somewhat more common color, but not as lightweight as the aluminium versions, you can still go ahead and buy a stainless steel version

However, if you got some extra money to spare, or you simply want the best high-end self defense tactical pen for sale, than the damascus version of the Benchmade Tactical Pen certainly is the right one for you. Simply no other self defense tactical pen out there can outrun the damascus body…


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