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J5 Tactical Pen From SurvivalKit

SurvivalKit J5 Tactical Pen With Travelbox

The J5 Tactical Pen from SurvivalKit is a very basic looking pen to our opinion. Still, it’s features are pretty decent…

Its basic look doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, since this is probably the result of the low production costs. Because, low and behold…

Just like the fully reviewed Hoffman Richter Stinger Spy Pen, you can get the J5 Tactical Pen for just $19.95.

Now the J5 Tactical Pen might not seem so bad after all, doesn’t it?

Just wait till you’ve seen all its features…


SurvivalKit J5 Tactical Pen Features

Just like most self defense tactical pens for sale, the J5 Tactical Pen comes with a bunch of features, making it a lot more than a regular ballpoint.

The J5 Tactical Pen comes with…

SurvivalKit J5 Tactical Pen Features

  • Ink that writes smoothly in nearly all weather conditions
  • Easy twist mechanism allows for quick use of the pen
  • No break pocket clip keeps the pen secured to you at all times
  • A Powerful glass breaker tip, which is ultra strong and shatters any glass
  • A DNA Collector and absorber
  • A Super high-grade aluminum alloy casing, which is solid and durable


Where Can I Get The SurvivalKit J5 Tactical Pen?

In addition, if you’re interested in the J5 Tactical Pen, you can check out a fancy video SurvivalKit put together for there product page. You can get there either by clicking the video image below:

SurvivalKit J5 Tactical Pen Video Image

Or, you can get there by clicking the following button: